National Agriculture Day – 21st Nov 2017

The National Farmers’ Federation’s (NFF) has produced a great video celebrating the day,
Spend the three and a half minutes watching the video on the link directly below and you will be amazed at the many links and importance of Agriculture to all of us.
National Agriculture Day 2017‘ (video)

Half the World’s Population will be to the North of Australia by 2020, and Australia is well positioned to be able to feed them, with employment through farming and areas like retail, logistics, processing and many more.

Farming has and always will be an important earner in the Australian Economy.

To tell the impressive story that is Australian agriculture, the National Farmers’ Federation’s (NFF) has released its updated Food, Fibre & Forestry Facts publication. Just in time for National Agriculture Day, on Tuesday 21 November.
Check out their ‘Farm Facts page

The National Farmers’ Federation’s (NFF) web site