Horses Birthday – 1st August

No matter if you are competing or just watching,
There is lots of ACTION during the day.


Hey everyone, the 1st August each year is celebrated as the day that every horse has thier birthday.

The tradition originally for thoroughbreds came about because of the historical lack of records of actual birth days for each horse and the need to be standardized for comparison.

Eudunda Show - Horses In Action (HIA)
Eudunda Show – Horses In Action (HIA)

It should be noted that there is a difference between the Southern Hemisphere where the 1st August is thier birth date, but in the  Northern Hemisphere it is actually the 1st January.

The area we are in of Eudunda, Robertstown and District have a proud history of working horses. They were used for farming, transport and leisure and Eudunda even boasted a “Race Track” just out of the town with many people coming up from Adelaide to go to the races by train.

Horses were also a very important part of the Eudunda Show, right from the very first show, 121 years ago, which had a “Ploughing Competition” as the main feature (with horses).

This year, once again, horses will be a big feature of the Eudunda Show, with various activities in the Horses In Action (HIA).


Come and celebrate these great animals with their riders at the Eudunda Show on November 11th this year.