Sponsors – Eudunda Show 2018

The Eudunda Show would like to thank all of our sponsors.

This year we have worked hard to recognise all our sponsors and to recognise those who have been most generous. This is in no way to say that we did not previously value or do not value every new contribution, big or small, we do. We have tried to make this recognition on a ‘Show Wide’ basis as – no mater what section of the show our sponsors may be supporting, they are supporting the whole show. So now, not only do they get recognition in thier chosen ”Featured Section” but here, with all.

What this initiative has done for our committee and hopefully all those who follow the show, is see visually the great support our show has. We hope that as you go about your daily lives, and businesses that you consider approaching our generous sponsors if you require some goods and services, and that when you do, you might mention to say “Thank You” for supporting the Eudunda Show.

As this is a transition year of moving from one way of doing things, where we would recognise the previous year’s sponsors to the new way, of recognizing the current year’s sponsors; we are also recognizing sponsors from 2017 in our show book. See page 5. We Thank them very much too.

Allingtons, Eudunda Community, Business & Tourism Inc (ECBAT), Elders, Golden Slopes, Hi Tech Fertilizers, Just Shearing, LH Perry & Sons, Manuka Native Nursery, Quality Wool, Schutz Family Trust, Sharlu Park

Here we would like to thank all the small donations, from all the supporters of the Eudunda Show, who give us those few extra dollars here and there. Your generosity adds up and helps us tremendously. Thank You.

In recognition of your support, everyone who donated last year is listed in the Eudunda Show Book 2018, page 5.