Eudunda Show AGM Cancelled

The Eudunda Show AGM was going to be held on the 8th April 2020 has been Cancelled until further notice, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As restrictions on meetings and movement of people became tighter, it became evident that it was not possible to hold our AGM under the current conditions.

The Eudunda Show Committee know it is important to look after those who support them in thier efforts to hold another great show again this year, and feel that with current predictions we will still be able to hold a show in November 2020.

Generally the Show AGM is March is the ‘kick off’ for the year, ratifying ideas and plans that may have been started right from the previous show. By the way! Did you pick up the details that the Eudunda Show was awarded ‘Eudunda’s Event of the Year’ for the second year running, thanks to the fantastic support from the Region making it happen.

The Show Committee is in the process of planning how to meet safely, (we have always done a fair bit online anyway, so this will be expanded upon) and we hope to get things moving so that we can be moving forward while the restrictions are on. We intend to develop on our sponsorship package, and this will be one of the early indications that people will see that we are on the move. We will also be looking at what adjustments are to be made to classes at the show, and starting to work on the show book.

We do recognise that the region is still suffering from multiple years of drought and that sponsorship and support will be harder to find, but we ask all to consider the benefits and the uplifting of spirits that the Eudunda Show brings to the region, making it a well worthwhile event to support. Potential Sponsors will be contacted in the next month or so, and if you would like to sponsor the show, please contact our