Horses In Action – HIA

No matter if you are competing or just watching,
There is lots of ACTION during the day.


Horses in Action banner
Horses in Action banner


The judges are:
Ring 1 Judge – TBA
Ring 2 Judge – TBA
Ring 3 Judge – TBA
Ring 4 Judge – TBA
Ring 5 Judge – TBA

Entries Close Thursday 7th Nov 2019.

NEWS – 10TH JULY Details for 2019 coming soon

HORSES – IN – ACTION  Competitors with horses, floats, support group, will enter through the Main Gate and have sole access to the left-hand side of the oval. Entry will be by Ticket. Tickets for HIA entries received after Monday 5th November will not be posted out, but will be held at the Secretary’s Office. NO entries accepted on the day.

Many documents on the website and also sent by email are in PDF (Portable Document Format) which means if you have a PDF reader you should be able to read that document in the format intended.

* If you are still having trouble downloading after you have checked all the things in the above FAQ –
then please email our Webmaster directly via the page.

Find us on the Oval All of the Eastern Side
See show map Location “H” Entries for Action & Parking