A powerful and generous way to help the Eudunda Show is to invite others to come along.

Some ideas:

  • Invite your parents to attend, if they don’t already come, why not ask them to come for a nice day out,
    maybe even better, they might go around with ‘the Grand kids”, many do this and enjoy it.
  • Invite your Grand Parents to attend. If you still have Grand Parents there is a good chance they used to enjoy a country show, they may really enjoy getting out to do so again.
  • Invite your Children’s Friends. For the Friends unable to go (perhaps thier parents are both working or ill) ask they to come and share the day with your family.
  • Invite a club. Some of you may well be in a club or organisation outside of the district. Don’t be scared to ask them if they would like to come along to enjoy the show.
  • Invite your Friends list on Social Media. You won’t be considered a pest with a simple invite, and if they take it up, we hope they have a great day.

Thank You for considering inviting someone you know.

By doing so – if we can increase our attendance, even ever so slightly, it means more people get to enjoy the show, more people get a chance to buy something at the show, to look at the things at the show, and hopefully later tell everyone they had a good time at the show.

That little increase this year, will possibly have a profound positive effect in the coming year, with very little effort on your part
(OK – you might have the rellies or friends stay, but isn’t that what half of the fun is about)