Tenders For Eudunda Show 2019

Eudunda Show

The 122nd Annual Show is to be held on
Sunday November 10th, 2019


Are hereby called for the following:
11.00am – 5.30pm

1. BBQ & Steak sandwiches
2. Sandwiches/ Rolls/Pies/Pasties/Hot Dogs/Cake/Tea/Coffee
3. Liquor Booth
4. Cool Drinks & ice creams
5. Sit-down meal for Judges/Public
6. Any other food (subject to committee approval)
7. At the close of Horse Events (approx 5.00pm)
Dismantle/pack away jumps/tidy HIA & oval area.

Expressions of Interest

7.30am – 3.00pm
Manning of the two public gates for a fee of $350 or 10% of gate takings, whichever is greater.

Tenders/Expressions of Interest are open to individuals and organizations.
Separate tender to be provided for each item.
No tender necessarily accepted.

Tenders in writing close with the secretary
on Friday 19th July.
Eudunda Show, PO Box 311, Eudunda 5374

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